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The Partisans

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The Partisans es una banda formada en Bridgend, Gales del sur, Inglaterra, por el vocalista Rob “Spike” Harrington, el baterista Mark “Shark” Harris, el guitarrista “Andy Lealand” y la bajista “Louise Wright” en 1978, cuando los cuatro miembros del grupo tenian sólo 14 años de edad.

Comenzaron como casi todas las bandas, tocando covers, pero luego empiezan a escribir temas propios, con influencias como The Clash, los Sex Pistols y The Ramones.


Algunas Canciones de The Partisans:

  • Police Story

James Kelly lied 
he said what the cops wanted him to say
James Kelly told us 
of the shit that went on in the cell of his
Broke his ribs told him not to speak, 
said you’re drunk now on your feet
Into the van Kelly did go 
never seen again now everybody knows

James Kelly you’re dead 
James Kelly who cares????
James Kelly you’re dead 
James Kelly cares

James Kelly’s dead…

  • I never needed you

I never wanted to find out the reason
Of what was really wrong inside
I just didn’t want to know about it
‘Cos all I needed to do was hide
But as the days went by
And all my friends wanted to find out
I just didn’t want to know about it
‘Cos all I needed to do was shout

I Never Needed You

As soon as I was told I was going to die

A different person entered me
Some people seemed to change overnight
Oh why cant they see?
I just couldn’t seem to do no wrong
All I seemed to do was right
and then with only two months left
That’s all I seemed to do was fight
And say….








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